I have got one mini-project related to the hill station booking system. I went through the requirements and drawn DFD hot the flow works that makes us easy to implement the hill station booking system. This website includes features such as the Home tab show attractive images of the hill station. About us gives more defined information about the company. The gallery tab shows the hill stations present only from Maharashtra. It has a zoom feature for a picture. The tours tab gives us to search for an appropriate destination and season at a low price. Blog tab indicates that…

The podcast is booming nowadays. People are getting more upgrading with the technologies people mainly focus on video and audio content. So I tried to build a song podcast just like a radio to listen and see the sound frequency. There are many ways people try to connect with an audio form that is via podcast.
I have completed this podcast task within three days by understanding, What is a podcast, canvas, technologies used for that?
I have shown static sound frequency and labels on the frequency that indicates what is play at that moment. We can change the song manually…

I have developed my e-commerce website Samarth food website and hosted it via 000webhost recently. To make my website complete I have decided to implement a payment gateway. I have started reading about payment gateway from the internet and decided to implement a payment gateway using PayUmoney. I created an account in PayUmoney and filled in the information like account number, name, mobile number, etc. After creating an account we get the PayUmoney user dashboard.

PayUmoney user dashboard

The next step is to create a button from the dashboard and fill in the information, select the type of button, color for the button…

Docker Container
Docker Container

Hi Guys,

Docker container was my diploma final year project. I like to share the details of project in blog.

Linux containers and Docker are used to change the way of building shipping, deployment and instantiation of applications. Docker accelerate application delivery along with their dependencies. Therefore, the same containerized application can operate in different development, production, test and operating environments. The platform can be a public cloud, physical or virtual server or network device. Virtual machine requires hypervisor to handle multiple operating systems. Therefore, we can use docker for this purpose. Docker can be used for the purpose of…

Bura na mano holi hai….!

Hi guys,
I want to share my memories and views about the holi festival. Holi is not a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, etc festival even if it is a Hindu festival because Holi is a festival of colors, love which we celebrate in spring. After every festival, there is a scientific, cultural, and message passing festival. We know Holi is celebrated in various ways in various states in India as well as abroad because some of our Indians migrate there to survive. The interesting thing is some foreign people also follow our Indian culture celebrates festivals as I Indian so proud…

Hi guys,
I am sharing my own experience that how I started Web development. Try to know the client-server connection how the languages help the client-server communication. Which languages are used to develop websites and which is server-side and client-side language? I have used PHP as a server-side language and Javascript,HTML5 (for structure),CSS(designing),Bootstrap(for responsive designing) as a client-side language. Besides these languages, we can use ASP.NET(C# or Visual Basic), C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rail, etc as server-side languages and VBscript, angular, etc as a client-side language. We need to know how the page renders (views) on the browser…

Aishwarya Survase

I am a PHP web developer. Interested to share knowledge about it.

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