Happy Holi (Festival of love and color)…!

Bura na mano holi hai….!

Hi guys,
I want to share my memories and views about the holi festival. Holi is not a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, etc festival even if it is a Hindu festival because Holi is a festival of colors, love which we celebrate in spring. After every festival, there is a scientific, cultural, and message passing festival. We know Holi is celebrated in various ways in various states in India as well as abroad because some of our Indians migrate there to survive. The interesting thing is some foreign people also follow our Indian culture celebrates festivals as I Indian so proud to hear about it.
I would like to share one message passing memory. Different culture peoples live together in society they quarrel with each other share good and bad memories as well and at the time holi festival, they come together and forget all quarrels and bad memories with them. They apply colors to each other that touch is a sensation of love that happens in hearts and everyone enjoys it a lot. Even they hug each other the scientific reason behind it there is an 80% stress relief and we feel better so please don’t shy to hug your friends or family members.
Nowadays chemical colors are used to apply each other instead of it I think we should use turmeric that fined at home or purchase chemical-free colors. As I am from a Hindu family we wake up early morning to make that special day with some special dishes, wear new clothes and celebrate that special day. As I am Artist my favorite part to decorate my home with colorful rangoli and with some décor parts. Lite the cow dung cakes and some wooden sticks because we are burning all our bad vibes with it and revert happiness to us there is the story of HOLIKA behind this and we call it as HOLIKA DAHAN.



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