How to start Web Development as a beginner?

Hi guys,
I am sharing my own experience that how I started Web development. Try to know the client-server connection how the languages help the client-server communication. Which languages are used to develop websites and which is server-side and client-side language? I have used PHP as a server-side language and Javascript,HTML5 (for structure),CSS(designing),Bootstrap(for responsive designing) as a client-side language. Besides these languages, we can use ASP.NET(C# or Visual Basic), C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rail, etc as server-side languages and VBscript, angular, etc as a client-side language. We need to know how the page renders (views) on the browser. If we know the basic knowledge of C, C++, SQL queries we can easily code. Try to understand how the database is helpful for web development. How request is sent from client to server or vice-versa. I would like to share my views on every single topic of web development.
First, try to build a single-page website then go for a multiple-page website. Make sure you know about debugging of errors as well because most of the beginners stuck there so understand which type of error it is. Once a website is ready I have hosted it from 000webhost which was a free hosting site. After hosting my site I have come to know about how important is code reduction, proper page linking (internal and external), remove unwanted code. By using PageSpeed Insights we will come to know all this information. And last part how the viewers will reach out to our websites the concept called SEO is used. I have used on-page SEO on my website. We have to catch more traffic on our website using on-page SEO and off-page SEO.


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