How to implement podcast and upload to git

Aishwarya Survase
1 min readMay 27, 2021

The podcast is booming nowadays. People are getting more upgrading with the technologies people mainly focus on video and audio content. So I tried to build a song podcast just like a radio to listen and see the sound frequency. There are many ways people try to connect with an audio form that is via podcast.
I have completed this podcast task within three days by understanding, What is a podcast, canvas, technologies used for that?
I have shown static sound frequency and labels on the frequency that indicates what is play at that moment. We can change the song manually. We can pause and play very efficiently. While completing the task, I have learned how to use canvas for sound frequency.
To implement this task I have used HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap4,canvas library,mp3 file ,javascript ,ajax ,jquery .During implementation of podcast I have learned lots of things.

Audio of song

Above link contains my code. While uploading the files, I got an issue related to mp3 file uploading. An mp3 file doesn’t upload, so we have to convert it into an online URL. We can achieve this by using the website or follow

I like to share the implemented podcast with my youtube channel link



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